10 Hak Suami sebagai Kewajiban Istri

1 : a pious wife is obedient to God's command , which shows that women always remember the Lord .

2 : a cheerful wife was pleasing to the eye , because he can take care of himself and keep his actions . Women are decorated in the house happy .

3 : Wife duly always obedient to her husband , as long as not against God 's favorite . This shows a genuine character , as opposed to arrogance .

4 : The wife who helps her husband in fulfilling the promise of marriage , to the extent not contrary to God 's favorite . It shows loyalty .

5 : The wife must maintain its sanctity , to protect the honor of her husband . It shows that his wife is trustworthy . It is very important in marriage , and could result in a stronger or fall wedding . This will affect the peace of mind of husband and would greatly interfere with success both inside and outside the home .

6 : The wife keep her husband wealth and possessions , by what process wisely entrusted to him . It shows his wife intelligent and reliable , because the wife shows her skills in the affairs of man . It is a remarkable character , who desperately needed a husband who wants to continue to improve the position of the family in society .

7 : wife caring for her children as her husband desired . This shows a very loving wife and loving , and her children a top priority .

8 : The wife who left her husband at the time rejected the others entered the house without the husband's permission . My wife's family is always permitted , except those prohibited by the husband . Also , at the time the husband goes , his wife could accept a husband 's brother entered the house , and yet he is only allowed in to the special room , like the living room , and a brother -in-law should not be alone with his wife . As another example , the wife should not leave the husband's home without permission . Although women were allowed to come to the mosque , but they have to get permission from her husband before going to the mosque or fasting was about worship .

9 : The wife who does not refuse when called her husband to bed . Wife's work at home is hard , but so is the temptation faced husband outdoors on a daily basis . So , a wise wife will understand how to relieve the husband , the husband 's desire to meet them .

10 : Wife friendly force in the elderly husband . That is , the wife showed hospitality to her parents , as the law is well behaved , serving them faithfully . Such actions strengthen the bond of husband and wife , because it shows respect

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