Muslim obligation to her


Many Muslim women who seem less concerned with the physical condition , because they think that it's not important . , Because it is more important to encashment mandate - a mandate successfully . Less concerned about the physical can not maintain a healthy intake of food and nutrition , so it is often easier sickly body , then not also be treated with due to severe illness . The other is ignorant lack of cleanliness of the body . Cleanliness here to apparel, home / private rooms , daily habits , etc. . Including less concerned also at the appearance , such as wearing brightly colored clothing or mismatched , wear appropriate clothing is not an event , the veil is not neat , etc .

But many Muslim women who treat him excessively , to tend wasteful , both for clothing , body care , accessories , etc. . Muslim clothing used so no longer after Sharai ( cover her nakedness with no thin / dreamy / tight , brightly colored eyes ) .

A Muslim is grateful her body , of course, will always be proportionate to maintain his physique. Keeping food and drinks to choose halal , clean , nutritious . Exercise regularly . Enough sleep and quality ( not quantity ) .

Maintain personal hygiene ( cleanliness of the skin / face / hair , smell the scent of the body ) and the environment (bedroom , toilet , for example ) . Women's health since the early / young would be very influential for later life , according kodratinya . For example, for reproductive health , the health of the sex organs, body strength for pregnant , breastfeeding , taking care of the household , and is active in the community . In the dressing was always in accordance with the shari'ah , neat , clean , thus creating a good image in the community , how should the figure of the Muslim woman . These concerns as a form of gratitude to God .

Rasulullah SAW said when the companions of Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash daytime fasting and nighttime , "Do not do , for surely your eyes have rights that must you exert , your body has the right to be you exert , your family has the right to be you exert , the fasting and eat , prayer and sleep .

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