Prinsip prinsip Utama Sistem Politik Islam

1 . discussion

The principle is the most important consensus with regard to the election of the chairman of the state and the people who will hold an office in the main tasks pentadbiran ummah .

- The principle of the second deliberation is also with regard to the determination of the way and manner which has been included here among perlaksanaan of Law in gur'an and al Sunnah al .
- The principle of deliberation with respect to the way forward is through identifying cases of new cases arising in the ummah through the process of ijtihad .

2 . justice

The second principle in the political system of Islam is justice . It is concerned with social ke'adilan guaranteed by the social system and the economic system of Islam .

Ke'adilan in the field of socio-economic areas would not be possible without the reality of political power to protect and develop it .

In the vast perlaksanaannya , ke'adilan principles embodied in the Islamic political system covering all types of transportation and control of force in human life , including ke'adilan between the people and the government , between the two parties to the dispute before the court , between husband and wife and father and mother in antaxa their children .

Therefore, the obligation applies ' unfair and unjust deeds away is a major principle in the social system of Islam , then it becomes the primary role of the Islamic political system to maintain these principles .

Maintenance of ke'adilan is the principle that the primary value of social values ​​can be confirmed with his deep human life in all its aspects .

3 . freedom

Freedom is maintained by the political system of Islam is freedom berteraskan to ma'ruf and virtue .

Uphold the principles of freedom that truth is among the most important objectives for the political system and governance principles of Islam and the principles for state institutionalization of Islamic law .

4 . equation

Here comprises the equation rather than the equation in getting and demanding rights , equality in bearing responsibility ranked according to ratings assigned by the institutionalization and equality laws are under the conquered power law .

5 . The right part to Party Government

The fifth principle in the Islamic political system is the right people for the right part to the pemeriritah and an explanation on his behavior .

This principle is based on the obligation of the government to conduct deliberations in the case of matters relating to the affairs and pentadbiran country and ummah .

This right is in its broadest sense also bererti right to supervise and part to actions and decisions of the government .

This principle is based on the word of God mafhumnya : " And when he turned ( rather than you ) , he walked on the earth to hold kerosakan him , and merosak plant crops and cattle , and Allah does not love corruption . " ( Al - Baqarah : 205 )

"..maka berilah keputusan di antara manusia dengan 'adil dan janganlah kamu mengikut hawa nafsu, kerana ia akan menyesatkan kamu daripada jalan Allah. Sesungguhnya orang orang yang sesat daripada jalan Allah akan mendapat 'azab yang berat, kerana mereka melupakan hari perhitungan." (Sad: 26)

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