Obligation to Muslim minds

Humans are creatures of God are perfect in the process of its creation .
Allah says , " Verily We created man in the best possible shape . " QS The Fig , 95:4 )
Dianugrahinya human distinctiveness is the ability to sense with all its capacity . Since pregnancy in the 3rd week of the human brain will continue to grow rapidly and quickly with amazing capabilities . Advantages of the human brain that is given by God Almighty with the functioning of sense . This is what distinguishes it with animals .

Muslim women are no less potential than men . Sense that God gave humans should be well guarded from the things that spoil a good sense in terms of function and health . Maintaining healthy mind is to choose healthy foods and drinks that are not damage the example khamr / intoxicating . It was narrated from Ibn `Abbas that the Prophet SAW said , " All that is screwed and all that heady sense is forbidden . " ( Narrated by Abu Daud )

In terms of function preservation sense , is to fill the mind with useful information . Science and useful information to make nutritious food for the brain . Knowledge and information in the form , Islamic knowledge . Shaykh Said Eve mentions some Islamic science that every Muslim must know includes 10 types:

- Studies on the introduction of God , apostles and Islam itself .
- The study of the Qur'an either abortion , its causes , how to read it .
- Studies on As - Sunnah , whether abortion , sanadnya .
- The science of Usul Fiqh is the science that speaks neighbor kaidah2 base used for
decide a legal basis from which dalil2 globally.
- The science of Aqeedah , morals and fiqh
- Studies on sirah nabawiyah and chronicle Muslims ( Islam sejaah )
- Arabic Science to explore material Qur'an , hadith prophet , jurisprudence , etc. .
Science know about the system in destroying an enemy of Islam ( deislamisasi ) . especially the

associated with ghozul Fikr ( thought the war ) .
- The study of contemporary Islam
- The science of fiqh of da'wah , ie rules and procedures in presenting Islam / propagation .

With fully mastered one of the sciences above are expected to be born Muslim scholars that will help solve the problem keumatan especially masalah2 about women .

Then the other necessary knowledge is common knowledge and insight into the contemporary . Of the many general science , there is obligatory for Muslim kifayah to master one of these fields , in depth so it could be professional . With the availability of Muslim experts in the fields of general , will greatly help people trouble . Especially in addressing the problem of femininity . For example in health , advocacy / legal , psikoligi field , engineering , fashion , beauty , etc. .

In the field of contemporary Muslim was required to keep abreast of information from a variety of the world , you know about the political , currency values ​​, arts and culture , sports , etc. . With extensive knowledge will greatly help Muslim women to actualize themselves in the family or in society .

Knowledge of the other is technical skill . Without any expert in the areas of technical , technical keuslitan Muslim will experience that should not have happened if the knowledge possessed . Like a computer , the Internet , and other means of information .

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