Valentine's Day in Islam

Valentines Day is one example of a great day out on the day of the Islamic majority Muslims commemorate participate , especially among ramaja and youth . Though Valentine - according to one version of an encyclopedia - is the name of the pastor St . Valentine was executed for defying Emperor Claudius II, who forbid marriage among the youth . Therefore it is necessary to explain to the Muslims of the law celebrate Valentine's Day or often referred to as the day of love .

Ibn Qayyim al - Jauziyah said , " Giving congratulations to the pagan rituals that special person for them , it was agreed that the act was unlawful . Such congratulate him on feast days and fast them , by saying , " Happy feast ! " And the like . for those who say , if it was not up to the infidelity , at least it is an unlawful act . means that he has been congratulated for their acts ascribed partners to Allah Subhanahu wata ? style . fact the act was a greater sin in the sight of Allah Subhanahu wata ? style and more wrath of the above actions congratulate drinking liquor or killing . lot of people who fall into an act without being aware of the bad deeds . such people congratulate others for immoral acts , heresy or infidelity . fact with which he had prepared himself for get the anger and wrath of Allah Subhanahu wata ? style . "

Abu Waqid narrated , "The Messenger of Allaah ? Alaihi wasallam when out to the battle of Khaibar , he passed by a tree belonging to the idolaters , who called Dzaatu Anwaath , usually they hang their weapons on the tree . Companions of the Prophet sallallaahu ? Alaihi wasallam said , " O Messenger of Allah , make for us Dzaatu Anwaath , as they have Dzaatu Anwaath . " Then the Prophet said , " Glory to God , this is pronounced like the Prophet Moses , ' String together for us a god as they have gods . ' By the One who my soul in His hand , you really will follow the customs of the people are there before you . " ( Narrated by al-Tirmidhi , he said , a saheeh hasan ) .

Shaykh Muhammad al - 'Uthaymeen when asked about Valentine 's Day saying , " Celebrate Valentine 's Day should not be , because of the following reasons :
First : it is the feast of heresy that has no legal basis in Islamic law .
Second, it can cause liver busy with petty matters like this is very contrary to the instructions of the righteous Salaf ( our predecessors ) - may Allah be pleased with them - . So it is not lawful to perform the ritual feast , either in the form of meals, drinks , clothing, exchanging gifts or other . Every Muslim should feel proud of their religion, not a person who does not have a handle , and went along . May Allah subhanahu wata ? Ala protect the Muslims from all fitnah ( test of life ) , which appears or is hidden and may include us all with his guidance . "

Then it is obligatory for everyone who say two sentences creed to implement wala ' and bara ' ( loyalty to Muslims and distanced themselves from the unbelievers ) which is the basic creed held by the righteous Salaf . That loves the believers and hate and menyelisihi unbelievers in worship and behavior .

Among the adverse effects resemble those are : participating popularize their rituals so terhapuslah Islamic values ​​. Other harm , that by following their means multiply their numbers , support and follow their religion , whereas a Muslim in every rak'ah prayer has been read verse , that is,
" Show us the straight path , ( ie ) the way the people which thou hast bestowed favors to them , not ( the way ) of their wrath and not ( way too ) those who go astray . " ( Al - Fatihah :6 - 7 )

How could she begged Allah subhanahu wata ? Style that was shown him the way people who are believers and kept away from him the way they are misguided groups and wrath , yet he himself is taking the crooked path voluntarily .

Other than that , mengekornya the Muslims against their lifestyle will make them happy and can give birth to love and attachments . Allah subhanahu wata ? Ala has said , which means ,
" O ye who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians become leaders ( mu ) ; most of them are a leader for others . Whoever among you take them into the leader , then indeed the person they belonged . Surely Allah does not guide the people who are wrongdoers . " ( Al - Maidah : 51 )

In the other verses , that is,
" You're not going to find something people who believe in Allah and the Hereafter , mutual compassion with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger . " ( Al - Mujadilah : 22 )

There was a girl says that she does not follow their beliefs , it's just the special Valentine's Day love and love gives meaning to his people after him .

Brother ! ! It is an omission , but once again : this is a celebration of other religious rituals ! Gifts are given as an expression of love is a good thing , but when associated with parties other religious rituals and traditions of the West , will lead a person obsessed by their culture and lifestyle .

Throw a party on the day is not something trivial , but it reflects the adoption of Western values ​​are not looking at the normative boundaries in relationships between men and women so that today we see their social structure into ruins.

Thank God , we have a much better replacement than it all , so we do not need to imitate and resemble them . Among other things, that in our view , a mother has a great position , we could present it to her sincerity and love from time to time , as well as to a father , brother , husband and so on , but it did not we do a special at the time celebrated by unbelievers .

May Allah subhanahu wata ? Style always makes our life full of love and genuine affection , which becomes a bridge to get into Heaven that their farms covering an area of ​​sky and earth, prepared for those who fear Allah . May Allah make us belonging to the people mentioned in the hadith Qudsi , Allah subhanahu wata ? Ala says , which means ,
" My Passion is for those who love each other for my sake , because I sacrifice each other and visit each other because I am . " ( Narrated by Ahmad ) . ( Fatwa of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih al - Uthaymeen )

From the above discussion can be summarized as follows :

    A Muslim is forbidden to imitate the custom of the people outside of Islam , especially if that is copied is something related to beliefs , thoughts and their customs .
    Bid farewell to the show that infidelity is a greater sin than to congratulate disobedience such as drinking and so on .
    Muslims are forbidden to celebrate the Feast of the people outside of Islam .
    Valentine 's Day is the Feast outside the Islamic clergy to commemorate St . Valentin who was executed for defying Emperor prohibiting marriage among the youth . Therefore, Muslims should not commemorate Valentine 's it.

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