5 Bintang Lapangan Eropa yang Bangga Menjadi Seorang Muslim

Convenience and peace of Islam is perceived Muslim footballers who underwent his career in Europe. Islam is a minority in Europe, but the players still get the guidance to Muslims to embrace Islam as a life choice.
They are very proud to be a Muslim in the middle of his career in Europe. When the month of Ramadan arrives, they also choose to fast even though some coaches had opposed.
Most of Europe who decided to embrace Islam in keriernya trip, as it follows the wife's belief that happen to Muslims. But some are confident that Islam has really become a force in the course of his life.
Here are 5 star european proud religion of Islam.
1. Frank Ribery
Frank Ribery turned out to be a convert after marrying a French girl of Moroccan origin. He has the name of Islam that Frank Bilal Ribery Bayern Munich a star.
According to Islam brought him to safety. Islam is the source of power on and off the field. At the moment he is experiencing difficult times in his career, giving peace of Islam came.
"Islam is the source of my strength on and off the field. I'm having a pretty hard life. Till then I found Islam," said Ribery.
He also was upset with his team-mates when doused with beer. Ribery is known as a religious figure before and after the match she lived.
2. Karim Benzema
Benzema is a French footballer of Algerian origin. He is a Muslim to follow the faith of his parents. He is also proud of himself as a Muslim.
In the month of Ramadan when Benzema still run fast despite having to defend Madrid, I wonder if the team doctor Madrid continue to monitor the physical development of players during the month of Ramadan. Benzema believes fasting is his duty as a Muslim to be served.
3. Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil Muslim German footballer of Turkish descent. As a Muslim players, Ozil not forget to pray before the match. "Technique and taste with the ball coming from Turkey who was also my ancestor. Discipline and desire are always perfect on the field is a part of me as a German," said the 25-year-old player.
4. Frederic Kanoute
Kanoute is known to be very obedient to his Muslim religious beliefs. In fact, he refuses to use his club uniform as sponsored by the gambling houses.
The most controversial of Kanoute is when Israel bombarded Palestine, late 2008 to early January 2009. Kanoute scored after the ball into the opposing goal, opening his shirt to reveal his undershirt that reads 'PALESTINE'.
Players from Mali was admitted proud to be a Muslim soccer player who competed on the European stage.
5. Eric Abidal
Eric Abidal had a conversation after he returned to play for a year absence from the world of football.
Abidal is one player who chose Islam as a way of life. Reading the two sentences creed of African players do it in 2003. Prior to Islam, Catholicism adheres Abidal as his parents believed.
Abidal converted to Islam shortly before deciding to get married with her lover, Hayet, in the same year. Hayet Algerian descent girl and devout Muslims.
Rumors, Hayet which many give a boost to her future husband to embrace Islam before marrying her. Having uttered two sentences creed, Islam Eric Abidal chose the name Bilal Abidal.

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